Four Ways to Get Faster Book Loans at

Do you find yourself waiting longer than you would like for book loans?  First off, make sure you white-list Amazon’s email address, if you have not already, so that the loan emails from Amazon don’t go into your spam folder (super-easy white-listing instructions here).  Then use these four pointers to make sure you’ve always got plenty to read:

1. Lend More Books: The system is programmed to reward the “most engaged” community members with faster book loans. And of course, the community wouldn’t exist at all without lenders, so please check your Manage Your Kindle page regularly to spot books you could lend out at  Have you been waiting a long time for a popular book?  Why not purchase it and then “pay it forward” by lending the book to another member.

Bonus Tip: Make sure you always click on the “Confirm” button at the top of the page after you actually lend a book at so that our system knows you completed the loan.

2. Request More Books: There are no limits on borrow requests, so treat your borrow requests like a Netflix queue and add any titles you would enjoy reading. If you have a wider range of requested books, you’re likely to get books more regularly.

3. Increase Your Maximum Books Per Week: Last week, we introduced a setting on your profile page that you can use to adjust the maximum book loans you receive per week. The default is one book per week, but if you want more books you can increase up to three per week. (You can also set the maximum to No Books to pause your books if you are too busy to read.) You may or may not receive your max number of loans in any given week, but you will not receive more than your max.

4. Explore the Read It Today Category: When you want to find something to read super fast, explore our Read It Today pages. These are the books that are in best supply at; our members report getting Read It Today books within hours or even minutes. You can find the Read It Today category by scrolling down to the bottom of the dropdown category list (at the top of the right-hand sidebar).

Follow these tips to make the most of the book lending community at

Happy reading!

30 Responses to “Four Ways to Get Faster Book Loans at”

  • wafflegirl:

    I wish i could lend books , to enable me to borrow more! Canadians can’t lend. I guess that puts us lower on the borrow list then?

  • Catherine:

    Hi Cheryl – it will make it tougher to get books that are in short supply for now, yes; we hope Amazon rolls this out to Canadians sooner rather than later!

  • AS:

    Same problem here, I am in Australia and can’t lend.

  • Juanita:

    I hope they roll this out to Canada soon. It would be nice to be able to reciprocate.

  • Pansy:

    I have tried to borrow Africian American books and wonder why the publisher doesn’t allow for them to be borrowed. I think this is a great idea and if I like the book I will buy it anyway.

  • TD:

    Does removing the item from your ‘available to lend’ list after it has been loaned out cause you to drop on the borrower list? I have been cleaning mine out as you can only lend the book one time.

  • Catherine:

    Hi, TD — no, it does not 🙂

  • Catherine:

    Hi Pansy 🙂 Thanks for your comment. We are hoping more publishers will get on board with lending soon!

  • Pansy:

    I have gone through all of my books on my kindle to loan only to find that 2 were able to lend out..I will lend out more as the publishers release them

  • sophia:

    hope Amazon will at last let Belgians lend books and make more books available for lending!

  • amanda:

    i wish we could have more than 3 books per week…i generally read 3-4 in a day. lol but i really love this site besides that =)

  • Colleen:

    I second Amanda’s request!

  • andrea b:

    When I add for lending a book that has several requests, I get the option to lend to one of 3 users.

    Are these 3 users ordered by this “priority”? Should I be picking the first one from the list?

    I think that it would probably be best if we just got one name for lending, not 3 (so that there’s no ambiguity about whose turn it is based on whatever priority is used for ordering these users).

    In any case, the site is great! 🙂

  • Terri:

    When I get several requests for the same book, I usually look at the person’s lending history and select the one with the highest number of loans.

  • Kannan:

    I am from India,So I cannot lend a book. So the lending history will be empty.So I feel that you should look at the country also.

  • Anabelee:

    As Kannan said, if we are not from USA, we can not lend books yet. I have some english books in my list, hope that from Spain we could lend it soon.
    The idea of this site is so great for those who read fast, that I’m very happy to have found it.

  • Allyson:

    How I wish that instead of adding books (that we can lend) one by one, BookLending can find a way to sort of “piggyback” on to my list of books on Amazon to make everything faster and easier 🙂

    Also, I hope that people from all countries could soon lend books as well, not just for people in the US. That would be really great for all bookworms out there!

  • Vicki:

    Is it true that we can only lend one book at a time?

  • Catherine:

    Hi Vicki, no, you can lend as many books as you like at a time.

  • Teresa:

    I would love an easier way to add books like this too!

  • Canda:

    I have books that I have purchased since 2009 in my kindle account. Is there any way to upload them in batches? It is very time consuming to load one at a time

  • Letícia:

    I wish I could lend, but I live in Brazil.

  • Tristan:

    I have allowed all the books I own to be lended out and I still have not received any borrowing or lending request. Any other tips on getting books faster

  • I can’t lend books too. 🙁 I’m from the Philippines. I wonder why lending is not enabled on some regions?

  • Angie:

    I wish there was a way to see your number in line of a book you requested to borrow. Or more than one copy.

  • Angie:

    Can people see my books? Or do i have to search for them to see if they are being requested.

  • Celestine:

    Is it advisable to delete a borrowed book from the lending queue once it is returned? If I delete a book I have loaned, the “loans available” count on my profile is reduced. Is this the same number on the profile shown for potential borrowers? I tend to loan to those who also have many books available to lend. However, when I joined and listed my 400+ books available, more than 200 were immediately requested. I am pacing myself on lending right now, but I am curious as to how lending history is reflected in the borrowing priorities and profile history.

  • jennyfer:

    Hello, i used to borrow books and i easily got the books and i’m greatful for that. Thanks! But recently i noticed that i no longer received books that i borrowed. just like to ask if there’s a problem why i cant receive any books that i requested on my profile?

    Thank you and more power…

  • Pamela:

    It’s frustrating when I lend books and people don’t borrow them. This makes loaning books complicated because I have to see if the loan was picked up and then edit my lend list.

    Please edit your borrow request list or put a stop on it so the request list shows people who really want to borrow books.

    Thank you.

  • I was wondering why I couldn’t lend books! Now I have an idea of what could be the problem. I’m from Philippines