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Web Sample Excerpt of Our Thriller of the Week, NINE LIVES by George M. Moser

A man lives a charmed life: a successful career, beautiful wife, beloved son … until things take a dark turn after the death of his father, and then begin to spin out of control after, of all things, he accidentally kills a stray cat … a cat that then exercises unexpected powers in his life, and even over his soul. It’s not Koontz, or King, or Poe … it’s a 5-star thriller by George M. Moser and it belongs on your Kindle.

Kathryn Shay’s SERENITY HOUSE TRILOGY – All 3 Novels for Just $6.99 on Kindle

Welcome to SERENITY HOUSE, a trilogy of stories about women who spent some of their adolescent years in a group home for troubled girls.

Each story explores what effects their dysfunctional backgrounds had on them. As you might guess, trust—not being able to trust—is a big issue for all three. But with the help of those who love them, each woman overcomes her difficult beginnings and becomes the person she was meant to be.

In Practice Makes Perfect, Paige Kendrick is a successful doctor who keeps people at a distance and refuses a relationship with hunky doctor Ian Chandler. But Ian won’t stop until he gets what he wants—Paige! And because of his assertiveness, he almost destroys their chances of a life together.

In A Place to Belong, Darcy O’Malley and Hunter Sloan have more in common than they know when they meet at her daycare. Both have troubled kids, both grew up as outcasts in their hometown, and both find a deep and driving passion for the other that cannot be denied.When she was eighteen, troubled Anabelle Crane fell in love with Nathan Hyde, the town’s fair-haired boy. He broke her heart and she left town to become an undercover cop.

In Against the Odds, she’s back to guard him from a stalker. But some things haven’t changed and Anabelle and Nathan find that the passion they have for each other has not died!

From the reviewers:

“For readers like myself who have been a bit disappointed with the quality of the genre of late, Shay’s latest might as well have antidote stamped right next to the “Serenity House” logo. The second and third doses can’t come fast enough.”  The Romance Reader

“Fans will enjoy the return of the Serenity House residents, and can only hope for a second-generation series one day!”  Word Weaving

Practice Makes Perfect

Welcome to Kathryn Shay’s first book in her “Serenity House” trilogy. This novel features complex characters, heart-wrenching emotion, and no easy answers.

Dr. Paige Kendrick is a successful pediatrician with a troubled past. As a pregnant teenager, Paige was one of the first residents of Serenity House, a group home for girls. When her drug-addicted parents were killed in a motorcycle accident, and seeing no alternative, Paige gives her child up for adoption. Upon her 18th birthday, Paige gets down to business raising her younger sister, and throwing herself into her chosen profession. While she now has a strained relationship with Jade, all the work has paid off – Dr. Kendrick has a thriving practice working with an upscale clientele.

Dr. Ian Chandler is an OB/GYN who is starting up an inner city clinic to be named after his late adoptive mother. There’s only one piece of the puzzle missing – a pediatrician. Naturally, Ian wants the best, and that which means Dr. Kendrick. After much convincing, she finally agrees – but not before Ian finds himself hopelessly intrigued. What makes Ms. Coldly Professional tick? And why won’t she let him in?

A Place to Belong

Fifteen years ago, Darcy’s mother left her at Serenity House, a home for wayward girls. A promise of two months turned into four, and eventually seven. Despite the painful experience, Darcy maintained her free spirited lifestyle through boyfriends, marriage, two children, and divorce.

Author Kathryn Shay boldly tackles difficult life challenges in A Place to Belong. Both Darcy and Hunter have struggled with failed marriages and bad reputations. Both struggle with self-images in ways that will endear them to readers. They also both love their children, who are sparkling additions to the tale. The greatest strength of the novel lies in Hunter’s challenge with his son’s ADHD and his realization about his specific events in his own past. A Place to Belong comes highly recommended.

Against the Odds

Fifteen years ago, the Crane brothers assault and plan to rape their stepsister Annabelle. Fortunately, the timely intervention of police officer Dan Whitman sends Annabelle to the safety of Serenity House, a home for troubled girls.

A few years later, she accepts a nanny position with Nathan Hyde’s family. She and Nathan have an affair that ends tragically. Now, after five years as an undercover cop in Seattle, Annabelle returns home to recover from a bullet wound.

Nathan’s political career as a congressman has made him the target of a stalker. Subtle clues indicate the perpetrator is someone close to him.

He refuses the usual bodyguard, and only Dan’s interference persuades him to accept Annabelle as an undercover bodyguard. Annabelle plays the role of Nathan’s personal assistant, but the success of her assignment may depend upon how well they can control their feelings from the past.

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