Meet the Author Podcast: Matt Youngmark, “Zombocalypse Now”

This week I talked to Matt Youngmark, founder of Chooseomatic Books and the author of the choose-your-own-ending book, Zombocalpyse Now.  If you liked Choose Your Own Adventure books when you were a kid, you’ll love this choose-your-own-ending book for grown-ups featuring a pink stuffed bunny protagonist battling the zombie hordes.

Not only did Matt and I talk about his book and the process of writing a book with over 100 endings, but we also had an in-depth discussion of the new realities of publishing in the ebook age.  We covered a lot of ground:

Our memories of reading choose-your-own-lending books in our youth;

The premise of Zombocalypse Now and what made Matt decide to have a pink stuffed bunny protagonist;

Shawn of the Dead and our cultural preoccupation with zombies;

Whether or not the book is appropriate for older kids;

How Matt organized himself to write a book with 112 possible endings;

The book illustrations and the cover;

The next Choose-o-Matic book, Thrusts of Justice;

Matt’s experiences with ebook self-publishing;

Ebook pricing and marketing;

Changes in traditional publishing and the explosion of independent publishing;

Amanda Hocking’s success;

Crowdsourcing curation of independently-published books through social media;

Matt’s book-pricing epiphany when he dropped the price of his ebook to $2.99 in January;

The evergreen nature of ebooks versus traditional dead tree books;

Google Books;

Why Matt’s books are DRM-free;

Independent record stores and bookstores and the future of print publishing;

Where Matt thinks ebook pricing will settle;

The immediacy of social-media and word-of-mouth driven ebook sales;


The opportunity ebook platforms provide for authors’ formerly out-of-print books;

The growing market for authors’ services in ebook publishing;

Replacing the editor in independent publishing;

Ideas for future Choose-O-Matic books.

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Next week, I’ll be interviewing Kim Olver, author of The Secrets of Happy Couples: Loving Yourself, Your Partner and Your Life.  I hope you’ll join me, because I’m really looking forward to talking to Kim about what she learned from her interviews of 100 happy couples.


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