Free Classics: The Heir of Redclyffe by Charlotte Yonge

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The Heir of Redclyffe by Charlotte Yonge was the first of her popular romantic novels. It was published in 1853 and was so popular that it went through many editions and she wrote many more books.

The novel begins with the death of the heir’s grandfather, leaving him dependant on family he does not know until he comes of age at twenty-five.

‘I suppose we must have him here,’ said Mr. Edmonstone. Should you not say so—eh, Philip?’
‘Certainly; I should think it very good for him. Indeed, his grandfather’s death has happened at a most favourable time for him. The poor old man had such a dread of his going wrong that he kept him—’
‘I know—as tight as a drum.’
‘With strictness that I should think very bad for a boy of his impatient temper. It would have been a very dangerous experiment to send him at once among the temptations of Oxford, after such discipline and solitude as he has been used to.’
‘Don’t talk of it,’ interrupted Mr. Edmonstone, spreading out his hands in a deprecating manner. ‘We must do the best we can with him, for I have got him on my hands till he is five-and-twenty—his grandfather has tied him up till then. If we can keep him out of mischief, well and good; if not, it can’t be helped.’

There is also talk of a ghost and a violent history to the estate and a female cousin the same age, so I believe there is a lot here to engage the reader.

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