Free Classics: Wife in Name Only by Charlotte M. Brame

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Wife in Name Only by Charlotte M. Brame; a novel written before 1884, the date of the author’s death.

This novel begins with a relic from a bygone time, a practicing physician living in poverty. One of those helpful Amazon reviewers calls it a romance with gothic overtones.

“I am the doctor,” he replied, quietly.
“Then for Heaven’s sake, help me! I am almost mad. My wife has been suddenly taken ill, and I have been to the hotel, where they tell me they have not a room in which they can lodge her. The thing is incredible. You must help me.”
“I will do what I can,” returned the doctor. Had fortune indeed knocked at his door at last?

And shortly, a confession, and a request:

I know perfectly well what these little country towns are–everything is a source of gossip and sensation. If it were known that such an incident as this had happened to me, the papers would be filled with it; and it might fall out that my father, the earl, would come to know of it before I myself could tell him. We had better take all proper precautions against such a thing. I should prefer that we be known here only as Mr. and Mrs. Charlewood. No one will think of connecting the surname with the title.”

Hmmm, does he sound trustworthy? Nothing like a suspenseful novel as the nights grow more chilly . . .

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